Outsourced Engineering

Use the potential and knowledge of our engineers to quickly achieve your project’s goals! We provide a complex Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) offer.
Don’t hire a full-time engineer, contact us to do a project or carry out a task and we will handle the rest. We offer a team of highly qualified specialists, provide licensed software and services of the highest possible quality.
Outsourced engineering enables to carry out a project in the shortest possible time and eliminates the need to invest in specialized project solutions. We offer overnight projects with full servicing options.
Our offer covers a range of engineering specialisations, from CAD designs through prototypes up to optimized solutions.

Outsourced Engineering – advantages

The advantages of outsourced engineering include:

  • Lower hourly rates
  • Full flexibility, no need to keep an employee during times with less projects
  • No need to buy hardware or software for the project, lower costs of carrying out tasks
  • Specialists covering a variety of industries, access to experts from various fields, including ones difficult to find on the labour market
  • No recruitment costs or need to wait for an employee
  • No need to hire specialists for a long-term contract – we carry out big and smaller projects, you only pay for what you need
  • “Overnight” option – as far as it’s possible projects are carried out within 12 or 24 hours starting from the moment we are hired

Outsourced engineering – who is it for?

Our offer is aimed at planning & design companies, industrial plants, companies from various industries carrying out technical projects as well as individuals.
Our engineering team can support a client’s engineers, which is a cost-effective solution or be a substitute in case of staff shortages, especially for specialized projects.
If you don’t have a contractor for your projects, the dates offered by specialists are too far away or you need a task to be taken care of right away, check our capabilities!

Outsourced engineering – our offer

Oferujemy usługi outsourcingu inżynierskiego w bardzo szerokim zakresie. Pomożemy jeśli potrzebujesz następujących usług:

  • CAD 2D 3D services
  • designing and drawing both details and complex structures
  • converting 2D projects into 3D models
  • preparing technical documentations
  • generating codes for CNC machining
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • load and stress/FEA analysis
  • reverse engineering
  • temperature distribution analysis
  • computational Fluid Dynamics simulations
  • digital engineering
  • design optimization
  • prototype development

Are you looking for another service? Get in touch with us and check our capabilities.



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